Technical data

Machine 3-axis high precision machining center
Vertical spindle, horizontal clamping area machine
base consisting of accurately lapped natural granite
Compound slide with planar guides (XY, horizontal)
latest aerostatic design, directly integrated in the slide body
Geometry Axis strokes X, Y, Z = 300, 300, 300 mm  
Clamping surface 325 x 275 mm,                          
hole array M8, 50 x 50 mm
Dynamics Acceleration X 20m/s², Y, Z 17m/s²              
feed rate X, Y, Z = 60 m/min
Accuracy Position uncertainty  ±1µm (ISO 230-2)
Repetitive accuracy  ±0,4µm (ISO 230-2)
Measuring system Linear scales in all axes, resolution 0.1 µm
Drive Ball screws
Motor spindle HSK-T40, 30000 rpm, 18kW (S6-40%), 4-fold bearing,
hybrid ball bearings, vector-controlled,
position measuring system, liquid-cooled,
Motor spindle HSK-E25, 80000 rpm, 5,5kW (S6-60%), aerostatic bearing,
vector-controlled, position measuring system,
liquid-cooled, pneumatic tool clamping system
Tools Tool length 200 mm
tool diameter 60 mm / 100 mm (free neighboring place)
Tool weight 3.5 kg / 5 kg (overweight tool)
Tool change time 1.4 s (chip-to-chip time 2.5 s) until 3.5 kg tool weight  
2.9 s (chip-to-chip time 4 s) until 5 kg tool weight

Tool magazine

30 tools (disk magazine)
Extension for 100, 150 tools (chain magazine)
Control Heidenhain TNC 640
Siemens 840D-SL
Fanuc CNC 31i          
Rotary axes
Indexing head, rotating and swiveling head, simultaneous  
5-axis machining
Coolant and
chip management
Coolant unit integrated in the machine enclosure
Chip collecting system and manual chip disposal
Installation System voltage 3x400V/50Hz
Rated current 45A
Compressed air 6 bar
  • Thermal package
  • Ultra precision package
  • Workpiece handling includes 4-way light column
  • Clamping plate with T-slots       
  • Hydraulic workpiece clamping          
  • Minimum quantity lubrication
  • Coolant cleaning system        
  • Internal coolant supply        
  • Scraper belt conveyor
  • Work area extraction
  • Tool breakage monitoring  
  • Workpiece measurement, tool measurement
  • Extinguishing system with fire damper     
  • 4-fold light column



                      Height:       2640 mm
                      Weight:      4,8 t

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